Who am I? I'm Kaligaga [this is my nickname, by the way ;) my name is not really important anyways] You can call me Kali or Kalijandro, too, if you want. Whatever tickles your fancy, though I hear the first two a lot more than the last. I'm a girl. I live in Florida. I'm a beatlemaniac and I've developed the reputation of being the person to copy off of during tests*(most of the time, that is). Ringo's my favorite :D Pandas are awesome!~ They're among the things that I love like Dirty Dancing, the Harry Potter series, Cheerios, and Anthony Joseph Perry. Anywhos, my music taste is a bit everywhere, but mostly, if not 99.8%, "oldies" or "classic rock" or whatever. Ummmm, there isn't really a theme to this blog anymore, just reblogs, and maybe a random picture that I post once in a blue moon and, of course, a few of my own text posts. There are also random spams of things when I start going through a tag. My ask box is always open so if you wanna talk or anything, y'know ask for advice (though I'm not very good) or be a random rock star anon I'm all for it. :D ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WAR IS OVER! (If you want it) Happy Christmas! And Hannukah. And Kwanza. and days off :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ([([([([([([(([([([(Oh, and P.S. 99% of the pictures and gifs that I post are not mine :D)])])])])])])])])])])])])])])]) <--------------------- [Ringo looks cute doesn't he? ;D ] wheel(s) goin' round and round
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Ask away! :D (Drop me a line...)   A gift? For me? Why, Thank you! :D
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